Start off the year with Cal Commit's 2023 kick off hackathon!

Jan 6th - Jan 8th, Sign Up Here

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a competitive event where competitors form teams of 1 to 5 individuals and are given a prompt/theme in an opening ceremony. Once given, the teams are required to create a working project using any programming language that addresses and solves the problem in a creative way.

About us

Millions of students are growing up without a comprehensive understanding of computer science. We want to help students build that foundation by teaching students the fundamentals of collaboration and teamwork in computer science. Through the Cal Commit's hackathon, we envision to provide students not only with the educational resources to discover their passions, but also the outlets to apply those passions back into their communities. For Cal Commit's hackathon, we want to not only fulfill a fun and exciting experience, but also help serve individuals with important knowledge and guidance in computer science. Participating in this exhilarating hackathon will ensure that students are well-equipped in teamwork and collaboration in the real world aspect of computer science.

The Team

Arnav Pandey

Lead Organizer

Rohan Ramakrishnan

Lead Organizer

Aditya Sahasranam

Lead Organizer

Swayam Shah


Srinikesh Kanneluru


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